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Articles and Reports

Corporate Sustainability Accounting (2020 UN Report)

Aggregate Capital Sufficiency (ACS) and National Well-Being (an MCS-Based alternative to GDP)

Making Materiality Determinations – A Context-Based Approach (2019 UN paper)

Happy Birthday, GRI – Time Now to Put the Horse Before the Cart 

Realizing Tomorrow’s Value (a report on multicapitalism by DNV GL)

Cuadro de Mando “Multicapital” (Money Magazine, Colombia)

Does Sustainable Performance Mean Abandoning Capitalism? (World Financial Review)

A Better Scorecard for Your Company’s Sustainability Efforts (Harvard Business Review)

The MultiCapital Scorecard (academic journal)

Raising the Bar on Corporate Sustainability Reporting (UNEP report)

Multicaptalism and the Two Faces of Integrated Reporting

The 6 Kinds of Capital Your Business Can’t Survive Without

Has Integrated Reporting Thrown Sustainability Under the Bus?

Why Monetization Should Not Be Used for Sustainability Accounting

Ben & Jerry’s Pilots the MultiCapital Scorecard Method

Can There Be Meaningful Integrated Reporting?

Materiality and Integrated Reporting: A Context-Based Approach

Sustainability and Multicapitalism – Together at Last!

The Carrying Capacities of Capitals

Groundbreaking Cabot Study Reveals Shortcomings of Conventional Sustainability Metrics

Sustainability Context — What Is It?


Overview of the MultiCapital Scorecard

Piloting the MultiCapital Scorecard: A Prospectus

Materiality in the MultiCapital Scorecard

Multicapitalism: A New Economic Doctrine for Sustainability in Commerce

Vital Capitals and the Triple Bottom Line

Bibliography of Some Important Works in Capital Theory

Ben & Jerry’s Pilot of the MCS: An Update

Beyond the Midas Touch (video)

Books and Book Chapters

The MultiCapital Scorecard: Rethinking Organizational Performance (Thomas & McElroy, 2016)

The Social Footprint Method (McElroy, M., 2015; in Murray et al, Eds.)

Science + Ethics = Context (McElroy, M., 2015; in Salterbaxter MSL Group, Eds.)

Performance That Lasts (Thomas, M., 2013; in Flinn et al, Eds.)

Corporate Sustainability Management (McElroy, M. and Van Engelen, J.M., 2012)

Relevant Standards

IIRC Integrated Reporting Framework


call4change (founded by Martin Thomas in 1999)

Center for Sustainable Organizations (founded by Mark McElroy in 2004)

Donella Meadows Institute (Mark McElroy is Board Chair Emeritus)

New Angles (kindred spirits of ours in the EU)

Sustainability Context Group (co-founded by Mark McElroy in 2012)