How We Work

All of our work at T&M is aimed at helping managers responsible for both financial and non-financial performance in organizations be successful. What we offer is an integrated Triple Bottom Line methodology for measuring, managing and reporting performance that is cutting-edge and deeply grounded in principles of sustainability: the MultiCapital Scorecard.

Implementing the MultiCapital Scorecard (MCS)

The approach we take in helping organizations to implement the MCS consists of a 3-step process as follows:

  • Scoping and Materiality – This step consists of defining the boundaries of a project and determining the entity-specific material financial and non-financial Areas of Impact (AOIs) that should be addressed in the development of a MultiCapital Scorecard.
  • AOI Development – This phase consists of defining sustainability norms and targets, interim goals, context-based metrics, and data collection protocols for each of the material AOIs identified in the step 1.
  • Scorecard Implementation – This step consists of all work required to fully operationalize a MultiCapital Scorecard in an organization and to measure, manage and report performance relative to its own material AOIs.

Working With Us and Using the MCS

T&M performs its work on a consulting basis for organizations interested in implementing the MCS. Customized in-house training services are also offered.  Unrestricted end-user applications of the MCS by organizations without our involvement are also encouraged (with due attribution) under T&M’s open-source policy. Third-party and/or commercial use is otherwise prohibited without permission from T&M. Contact us for more information about third-party licensing requirements and opportunities.